Mar 9, 2010 · slow relatively weak flash powder i use for lift charge in my aerial shells. .

recently, someone posted a video online about something named "blue" aluminum.

However as the quantity increases so does the energy released.

. The Bullseye smokeless powder has a goodly amount of nitroglycerine in it. .

400g (kclo4+al) flash powder in an old microwave.

I suspect that, if you want hot/fast/flash, your 5:3:2 will be the one. . aluminum magnesium charoal and potassium perchlorate.

The easiest flash powder formula to make. .

It has a great balance of stability and power, and is usually comprised of Potassium perchlorate and Aluminum powder.

just a standard binary KClO4:Al flash powder with no adulterants.

I feel that a lot of pyro websites/forums really underplay the dangers of flash, when in reality it is a very strong low-explosive and even a few grams can blow fingers off. The mass losses of the heated.

This is where the "art" is. The golden powder burned fast but wasn't able to destroy the straw.

little safer.
This is where the "fire" is.
Today, the principal use of the powder is to create flashes or flames that are large and impressive but relatively easy to manage.

Mixing these chemicals should be done with great care because.

Flash compositions used in firecrackers usually consist of a mixture of aluminium powder and potassium perchlorate.

flash powder test 0. I cannot seem to get my hands on any KClO4 but I have lots of KNO3, and I want to make a powerful flash powder, comparable to a flash powder made using KClO4 and 400 mesh aluminum powder. i've also seen compositions using terephthalic acid as the major fuel source in a binary composition which creates the same results.

And i would try to make the KClO4 - Al flash powder. . Explosion stump (Flash Powder KClO4 + Al Pyro Dark) 50g BP vs Kno3. reaction between KNO3 and Al. Potassium perchlorate flash is the most commonly used flash powder in the pyrotechnic industry.

Skylighter Fireworks Tips suggests diapering normally made Al+KCLO4-flashpowder and double-base 'Bullseye'-brand smokeless powder half and half together to get brighter, louder flashpowder called D4F-powder.

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When you start to move away from optimal reaction points, cool things happen: slower burns, more random semi-oxidized products, gas production, sparks, etc.

Jan 10, 2018 · Conclusion.